Operation Manatee #97: My Grammy’s Better Than Your Grammy!

Yeah, so the Grammys happened. Whatever. I paid as much attention as I ever have (by being totally oblivious to the fact that they were even on). The only “news” I was privileged enough to learn when I opened the Twit machine or Sludgebox was that Kayne was talking smack about my boy Beck.

Surely you’ve all heard this somehow interesting trivial whogivesadamn, so there’s no way I’m putting in the effort to track down links to back up what I’m saying. Use the google machine, forchristsake!

Silly as this nonsense was, it got me thinking: fuck any of you who worked hard and were rewarded with popularity! Instead of indulge in this junk, I only see fit to indulge myself, instead.

Tonight, from 11:00 to midnight, tune in for Operation Manatee’s Wish This Were A Grammy! Or something. Whatever. Cory’s still not here, so I’m winging it.

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