Operation Manatee #276 – Laid Back

It’s another wonderful night in a wonderful city!

Join us at 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina or online at www.cjtr.ca as we deliver the final episode of the spring and officially welcome summer to the city.

We will also remember some years passed as the CJTR Annual Garage Sale is this weekend; always a fun time to expand your collections and find a great deal.

Tune in! Embrace the juice!

1. Larry & His Flask – Long Way To Go
2. Snoop Lion – Fruit Juice
3. Delhi 2 Dublin – My People
4. The Liquor Store – Lemonade
5. Gost – Holding On
6. Moxie Fruvous – King Of Spain
7. Kishi Bashi – A Meal For Leaves
8. Dir En Grey – Red Skin
9. Black Mountain – Licensed To Drive
10. Ben Rosett – Black Cat, White Magic
11. Expensive Magnets – yam

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