Operation Manatee #270 – Don’t Blow It

Awwww…. innnnnitddisspessshul?

But joking aside, it’s Chris’ birthday once again! The old man continues to get older, but the real mystery is; has he learned to act his age?

Is he like a fine wine, an aged scotch or a broken down jalopy?

Tune in tonight for more mild ribbing about age but more importantly, good music on your community radio station in Regina – 91.3 FM.

1. Arrogant Worms – The Happy Happy Birthday Song
2. Ot to, not to – Blanc
3. Felix Martin – La Vaca Mariposa
4. Theon Cross – Radiation
5. Planet Smashers – Can’t Stop
6. Dan Mangan – Fool For Waiting
7. Karyyn – Binary
8. Tom Waits – Filipino Box Spring Hog
9. The Reverend Horton Heat – Ride Before The Fall
10. Royal Canoe – Don’t

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