Operation Manatee #267 – The Downside of Spring

With all the good that spring can bring, there’s also a lot of bad. Today’s lesson; the plague hides itself in the snow and ice all winter long and at first availability, will run rampant through the world that has freed it from it’s icy prison.

So hopefully you’re one of the lucky few that hasn’t caught any of the Spring Crud that is floating around. The first cold always seems to be the hardest to shake and easiest to spread. Take care and if you’re able, remember the best cure is good music and warm company. Tune in tonight at 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina and you can get a little of both!

1. Johnny Booth – Thief
2. Marilyn Manson – Down In The Park
3. The Strumbellas – Running Scared
4. Richard Reed Parry – Sai No Kawara
5. Tomato Tomato – Kite Song
6. Scott Walker – Phrasing
7. The Red Rum Club – Nobody Gets Out Alive
8. Tengger Cavalry – Forging
9. Afrotronix – Ama Boua

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