Operation Manatee #250

This feels monumental! A tremendous occasion! We have the 250th episode of Operation Manatee tonight, playing on 91.3 FM, CJTR!

This is a scientific count, right? We aren’t, like…253 and no one was watching in time, were they? No? Like… there were other episodes… something about a poet?

Ok, well, let’s just call it a special anniversary episode or something and come join in the fun! We’ll play some great new stuff that is infecting our earholes and maybe you’ll catch it too! Tune in at 11:00 pm!

1. PLK – 250
2. Maribou State – Beginner’s Luck
3. Foxtrot – Wait
4. Psst Shh – Gross Shit
5. Single Mothers – Marathon
6. Lena Raine – Navigator
7. Black Mirrors – Lay My Burden Down
8. Cadence Weapon – Infinity Pool
9. Innanet James – Better Without You
10. Moby – A Dark Cloud Is Coming

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