Operation Manatee #220 – Snowtans!

It’s been a real mish-mash of weathers lately. Some days, we should just huddle up and stay warm… other days, it’s time to bust out the tankinis and catch some frost-rays! Um.. thanks Obama..?

For our second last show of the year… we plan to do most of the same as the rest of the shows of the year! Consistency is what we strive for in successful operations.

But you should still tune in and catch up on some of the newest releases you might have missed. What else do you have to do anyways; the sun has gone down for the night! 91.3 FM in Regina or www.cjtr.ca online.

1. Wesley Willis – Merry Christmas
2. Prongles – Once You Pop
3. Vincent – Jinx
4. Sarah Slean – The Dark
5. Intervals – A Different Light
6. St. Vincent – Los Ageless
7. Weird Al – Yoda
8. Everything Everything – Night Of The Long Knives
9. Statik Selektah – Put Jewels On It
10. The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer – Pretty Please
11. The Diablo Swing Orchestra – Karma Bonfire

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