Operation Manatee #218 – Sounds Like…

Man, it’s been a looooooong winter so far hey? I am really looking forward to that spring thaw right around the corner.


Unrelated to weather, the Grammy nominations were released earlier today. Normally, this is something we don’t usually care about, but after peeking through the nomination list there are definitely a few interesting names that we’ll be talking about tonight.

Tune in at 11:00 pm, 91.3 FM here in Regina.

1. Portugal The Man – Live In The Moment
2. Björk – Sue Me
3. Leriche – River Runs
4. Kid Koala feat. Emilíana Torrini – Beneath The Heat
5. Body Count – Institutionalized 2014
6. St. Vincent – Pills
7. Vincent – Jinx
8. Bernice – Talking About Her
9. Scale The Summit – Atlas Novus

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