Operation Manatee #206: Folk me? No, Folk you!

In case you missed it yesterday, Chris posted his annual Operation Manatee Regina Folk Festival survival guide. If you’re going to attend, check it out to prepare for all things you’ll need to bring in order to survive the weekend.

And to get you all amped up, tonight we’ll be playing some music from this year’s crop of artists and maybe some of our favorites from the past. We got your Preparation H*, ready for you at 11:00 pm tonight!


*by Preparation H, we meaning “hearing”… not that other stuff… that’s just painful.

1. The Cat Empire – Wolves
2. Royal Canoe – Bathtubs
3. Russ Kaja – Hey Road
4. Henry Wagons – Willie Nelson
5. The Garrys – Manitouna
6. Nomadic Massive – Sundance (Spirit Chasers Remix)
7. The Wolfe – Arm Yourself
8. Mexican Institute Of Sound РM̩xico
9. The Broken Brass Ensemble – The Hitchhiker
10. Buffy Sainte-Marie – Power In The Blood

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