Operation Manatee #189

That’s it! I’m getting into the CJTR liquor cabinet tonight, and you should get into yours!

Come find yourself at the bottom of a bottle* with us for an hour of what I can only assume will soon be your favourite tunes!

11:00 to midnight.

1. Raffi – Banana Song
2. Pantera – The Great Southern Trendkill
3. Trollfest – Steel Sarah
4. Deerhoof – Doom
5. Sublime With Rome – Put Down Your Weapon
6. Christine Leakey – Flashback
7. Cadence Weapon – Cadence Weapon
8. alt-J – 3WW
9. Moontricks – Mountains
10. Stromae – Formidable

*Please drink responsibly and don’t take jokes about drinking as serious advice.

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