Operation Manatee #147: We Turned 3

We’ve been ruining your Tuesday nights for three solid years now! Kind of a big deal. Tune in tonight for either shenanigans, a soirée (less likely, sounds fancy), or good, old-fashioned, fucking noise! Maybe all. What the hell? We’re three now.

1. Refused – Liberation Frequency
2. Shooter Jennings – Loading/Countach
3. Alexisonfire – Pulmonary Archery
4. The Notwist – Run Run Run (Ada Remix)
5. Bring Me The Horizon – Throne
6. Austra – Beat And The Pulse
7. Eve 6 – Jesus Night Light
8. Kishi Bashi – I Am The Antichrist To You
9. Tom Holkenborg – Chapter Doof

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