Operation Manatee #118: Doldrums of Midsummer

If there’s ever one thing to miss from childhood, it’s probably that summer was a completely free time to be able to do whatever you wanted. The warm weather really pushed you outside, you had vacations to be excited about…

The warm weather the last few days has really driven home these memories. People nowadays can’t afford to take the vacation time to just relax and unwind. IF there’s vacation time, there’s never enough of it and soon it’s back to work until the next brief vacation.

This leads… to the summertime blues…

Join us tonight at 11:00 on 91.3 FM in Regina as we mellow out in the summer warmth.

1. Pinball – Fortress
2. Operation Impact – I Don’t Want To Live This Way
3. Our Lady Peace – Inner Prayer
4. The Faint – Agenda Suicide
5. Weezer – The Good Life
6. Chloroform – Loveyoumore
7. Beck Hansen – Summertime
8. Royal Canoe – Birthday
9. The Flatliners – He Was A Jazz Man
10. Sebastian – Dog

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