Operation Manatee #102: TWO YEAR MANATIVERSARY!!!

Just when you thought you’d had enough of us.  Do we quit?  Do we just lie down?  Do we leave the community radio programming to one of the other several dozen perfectly capable CJTR programmers?  Hell no!  We keep going.  In the face of all odds, this is your one and only Operation Manatee.

Tune in for radio goodness from 11:00 to midnight, and… brace yourself.

1. The Refused – Liberation Frequency
2. Rage Against The Machine – Take The Power Back
3. Protokult – Get Me A Beer
4. From Chimpan-A To Chimpan-Z – Bar Mitzvah
5. Deftones – Around The Fur
6. Silverchair – Israel’s Son
7. Gob – You’re Too Cool
8. Everclear – Local God
9. Alexisonfire – Water Wings
10. Skavenjah – El Ritmo De La Vida

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