Operation Manatee #100: Why $#!+ So Crazy?

Hello Internet,

Your friendly neighbourhood manatees here.  We hope you’ve been well.

Just wanted to take this time to tell you that we’ve decided to host a radio program on the community radio station here in Regina, playing music, being anecdotal, and the like.

Also, we turned 100, but don’t make a fuss because it’s too darned late at night for all kinds of shenanigans or hootenannies.

Tune in tonight from 11:00 to midnight for some nice, quiet music to send you off, before bed.

1. Bad Religion – Infected
2. Surfer Blood – Grand Inqusitor
3. Jet Set Satellite – Baby Cool Your Jets
4. Metz – Can’t Understand
5. The Strumbellas – Home Sweet Home
6. Coal Chamber – IOU Nothing
7. Flying Lotus – Dead Man’s Tetris
8. The Jungle – The Heat
9. Buck 65 feat. Jenn Grant – Cold Steel Drum
10. Oneida – Atari
11. Foo Fighters – Congregation

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