Operation Manatee #62: The Spoils Of War

Another garage sale passed, and we are here share the audio booty with you! Tune in tonight for some great new and old music from you pals at OpMan.

1. The Prodigy – Firestarter
2. Pretty Girls Make Graves – Speakers Push The Air
3. Apostle Of Hustle – Energy Of Death
4. Moxy Früvous – Darlington Darling
5. Beastie Boys – Sabatoge
6. Body Count – Bitch In The Pit
7. Rise Against – Obstructed View
8. Jimmy’s Chicken Shack – Do Right
9. Layaway Plan – Forgotten Names
10. The Tanuki Project – Believe All That You Want
11. MSTRKRFT – The Looks

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