Operation Manatee #61: Around the World in a Manatee Minute


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of a Manatee Minute, it’s actually about 60 of your regular Earth minutes… that’s right, an hour every week, Tuesday at 11:00 pm!

Mosaic is right around the corner – this weekend in fact! Starting June 5 lasting through June 7, Regina hosts it’s annual festival to multiculturalism. 21 pavilions are available to explore and enjoy the entertainment… and the food, OH THE FOOD!!

Like last year, tonight Chris and Cory will be playing world music, hand picked from various bands representing the pavilions that can be found in this year’s festival. Sadly, we can’t hit them all, but tune in tonight to see which ones we can hit! 91.3 FM in Regina or streaming online at www.cjtr.ca. And please see http://www.reginamulticulturalcouncil.ca/info/mosaic-a-festival-of-cultures.html for more information about the Mosaic Festival!!

1. Andino Suns – La Jaula
2. Mike Patton – Ore D’Amore
3. Matanza – Mulher Diablo
4. A Tribe Called Red – Bread & Cheese
5. Mo Hat Mo Gheansai – Seal Saol
6. Twelve Girls Band – Freedom
7. Punjabi By Nature – Dance Floor
8. Chvrches – We Sink
9. Grimskunk – Souriez vous êtes filmés
10. Seeed – Respectness

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