Operation Manatee #8: So this is the other side…

In this show, Cory and Chris explore new territory. Cory is winging it, which makes him uncomfortable. Chris refuses to wear pants, which also makes Cory uncomfortable. They even played a couple of vinyl records. We’re not sure what vinyl is, but it’s heavy and Chris seems to like it.


First of all, thanks to Chris for the really nice post on Friday!

Second of all, yes… the inevitable has happened. The ball has become chained, the noose has become tightened… um, the goose has been cooked…? However else you want to say it, I am now hitched… I figure the mother of my daughter, the co-signor to all my loans and debts should also become my wife… the Sith to my Jedi (maybe… somedays…)

The point? I’ve been REALLY busy for the last 4-5 days and I’m not sure what kind of music I’ll manage to throw together for your listening enjoyment tonight. Come, tune in tonight at 11:00 pm and see just how scattered we can REALLY be!

1. Beck – E-Pro
2. Belvedere – Difference
3. Fucked Up – Into The Light
4. Sublime with Rome – Panic
5. Movits – Tom Jones
6. One Day As A Lion – Wild International
7. Said The Whale – I Love You
8. Slayer – Disciple
9. Winny Puhh – Meiecundimees…
10. System Of A Down – Peephole
11. Death From Above 1979 – Turn It Out
12. Everclear – Local God

Operation Manatee – Episode 8

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