Operation Manatee #7: While Chris is away…

With Chris out sick or fighting zombies or something, Cory fires it up at Regina Community Radio with some pop stuff, rock stuff, punk stuff and maybe even a soulful rendition of Ol’ Man River. Or maybe not.



The flu is a bitch… Being all “flu-y”… making people sick. Well, making Chris sick anyways. Cory will be venturing into unknown territory and delivering a solo episode of Operation Manatee tonight, from 11:00 to midnight.

What could happen? What could go wrong?? Famous last words or brash sensationalist statements to make you listen? Hey, if it works for Fox News it HAS to work for us, right?

1. Supertonic – Man on the Moon
2. roz bell – Papercut
3. Willie Nelson – Always on my Mind
4. Kobo Town – Road to Fyzabad
5. Gogol Bordello – Ultimate
6. The Flaming Lips – Sun Blows Up Today
7. Gob – On These Days…
8. Death – Rock N Roll Victim
9. Big Dumb Head – Blood Red Head on Fire
10. Clutch – Crucial Velocity
11. Dillinger Escape Plan – Panasonic Youth
12. He Is Legend – Eating a Book
13. Tiger Army – Ghostfire

Operation Manatee – Episode 7

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